About us


Chief Editor

Is accurate and careful in making assessments for situations and people. Knows
how to make the other people work, by making critics and sweet talk together.
Her good nose to journalism is both good and bad for her meanwhile. She never
forgets, that she is a jornalist during any party or meeting. She is very quick
on uptaking article titles.


Deputy Chief Editor

Likes expressing ideas in a few words. Knows very well what to do to make the
journalists’ articles readable. But as a good editor does, he always makes
the jounalists understand themselves how to do so. He is a professional in cutting
texts short. According to Ara Galoyan, his favourite slogan is: “A telegraph
pole is a good edited poplar”. He is very correct in making titles. He
can be both dreary and happy meanwhile. In his soul very amazingly the passion
and the restraint are at odds.



He is a poet. He is also a publicist. His words have deep meanings and are correct.
Sometimes his articles are indigestible to people. He likes to make contact with
people very much. He knows nearly everyine and all the asphalted places in Karabakh,
and he is sure, that Karabakh is an essential part of “Armenia” foundation.
He owes offices at some cafés in Yerevan. He walks like a bear. He is
the toughest journalist and political writer of Armenia. He shaved his sparse
beard for the lat time in the last century.


Economical Correspondent

He is one of those seldom journalists, who writes very literate and uses the
the words very clearly. He is a good company for talking on different subjects,
expecially on religious ones. He is a philosopher, but without butt. He is an
economical fied analyser. His goal is decentralize the “Central Bank”.
He is always the last person, giving the article for publishing. Sometimes he
forgets the weekly issuance date, thus disorganizing the editorial office work.
He always makes redecorations in his apartment, because his neighbours make their
best to water his apartment. He has the ability to talk much, but doesn’t
have any mobile phone.



After the weekly anniversary he will become two years old. He expresses his minds
only in written form. Just very like the armenian oligarchs, his favourite toy
is cars. He is very like the authorities not only with his surname, but also
with the fact, that he doesn’t think long about anything. He is an incurable



It is very calm and sad at the editorial office without her. And when Armine
is making an article, it is very dangerous to stand close to her, because she
becomes very fast and a perfectionist. She is in time to do everything very fast,
but very often she makes her concluding dot at the last moment. She is always
displeased with what she wrote, because she always thinks, that could do better
and deeper in the meaning. She always expresses regret for not being able to
visit her Sarchapet village.



She is the “vice-versa” of her elder sister Armine. She is dreamy,
lyrical and freedom-loving. She is a poet. The most important thing for her is
the muse. She thinks, that those articles are good, which are written in a good
mood. She prefers to travel in different regions of Armenia in order to make
articles. She feels pity for the time spent on housekeeping works. She is very
often helpless in the life.


Economical and Political Reporter

He is a very energetic and efficient economist. He doesn’t speak much,
that is why he is a very good adviser. He has a good nose to economical and political
analysis. He does his best not to leave anything happening in the world pass
by. He is perfectionist in his life. He takes care of his appearance. He believes,
that everyone manages his destiny himself. He expresses the indiscreet life of
our bourgeoisie in his capacious articles.



She has the skills to reconcile peaple and work out the new conflicts. Due to
his kindness he makes friends with people both in the streets and in the political
field. She does her best to make everyone feel comfortable at the editors office
and work well. She works 168 hours a week. She is very hardworking. She likes
dressing in bright coulour clothes. She is careful and faithful to her family.
Whenever she takes a business trip with German Avagyan, the traffic police stops
them. She is the general representative of “Parliament Lights” at
the office. Her laugh is infectious.



She realizes her power very well, that is why she always manages to write articles
on fabulous subjects. She finds news where it is unexpected. She relies on her
intuition when writing. She is very strict to liars and one-eyed people. She
has a contradicting character. She is the tallest person at the office.



He is the first coming to work in the morning. She doesn’t like to speak
much by phone, but when writing the articles, she distantly controls her family
members, and meanwhile treates her colleaques greengage. Her way of writing is
unique. She is a specialist in drama study. She is very kind and has a good character.
She plays chess very well. She is freakish in articles subjects choice, because
she knows the culture field very well.



He is a mathematician. He writes only polictical articles. His favourite subject
is the contitutional reforms. Hi doesn’t speak much. Usually he keeps silence,
but he is careful in his work. Noone notices him coming to the office and leaving
it. He knows English and Russian very well, but he makes contact with the politicians
only in armenian, moreover, in a constitutional way.



She is interested in education and health care fields. Her son is one year old
already. Very soon the signiture of Anush will be met in “168 Hours” again.



He is grouchy, but with the good meaning. He seriously thinks, that the centre
of the Space is his camera. He doesn’t know the faces of oligarchs and
pronounces their nick ames difficultly. He takes the photos everyone whoever
meets. He is always in a hurry. His car is always not clean, because he is always
in the country, and in order not to spoil the envorenment, keeps the ciggarette
empty boxes in his car instead of throwing outside. And when in the morning he
notices unexpectedly, that his name is missing under the urticles, he makes so
much noise, that the people of Pushkin 3 building worry. Not paying attention
to his character, he is careful and professional in his profession. He is a loyal
friend in his life. He has three international prizes and one daughter.



She is the secretary of the editorial office and has a status of “chieftain” here.
Both the visitors and the colleaques from the office meet her smile first when
coming to the office. She never forgets anything, but she is not vindictive.
She is very careful and special. She has a mobile “drug store”, fire
extinguisher and electrical facilities with her. She always answers the calls
of the readers, and even the calls of the politicians. She is not afraid of anyone
at all, except the tax board investigators, though she doesn’t owe any
private businesses.